Our Journey

First and foremost, thank you for stopping by and wanting to learn about us.

It's official, Back Porch Talkin' Country Exchange is now

Miss Mable's Farmhouse

For those of you that have followed us over the past 25 years, we sincerely appreciate you being by our side, supporting us, talking to us and letting us know your thoughts and opinions.

Thanks to you, dear friends  and customers, we have listen and are truly enjoying this new journey of providing cage-free, organic, farm-fresh eggs and garden vegetables to our small country town, plus, home-grown herbs, specialty blended spices, and unique country farmhouse decor online. This transition has been a labor of love in so many ways.

 Miss Mable's Farmhouse was founded with the following principles:

  • Sharing the knowledge and love of farming, gardening, down-home cooking, growing and preserving food, and true country, farmhouse style with others using our website, social media, and informative blogs.
  • Taking what we've learned from the past 25 years about selling online and providing unique farmhouse decor below retail prices.
  • We don't believe creating your dream farmhouse inside and out should be a chore or cost you an arm-and-a-leg.

December, 2019, we completed construction on what we lovingly call the "Poultry Palace", where Miss Mable and our other beautiful hens have a clean, safe, and cozy environment to lay their healthy, rich creamy eggs.

Spring 2020, we will be constructing their large protection fence on the front and back of the Poultry Palace, so our hens will be able to graze on grass, exercise, and just be hens. Their area will include a small pond, strawberry, "greens", and organic herb patches just for them.  Of course when we're out in the gardens, they come with us to eat bugs, scratch dirt, and help compost the area. (We'll post more pics when it's completed.)

Our future plans include a "Farmer's Market" building here on the farm. To provide life sustaining, healthy food to our community.

    At Miss Mable's Farmhouse, you are a person, not a number without a face, and we respect your privacy above all. Period!
    When you contact us, we answer the phone or reply to emails personally.
    When you visit us here on the farm, you will be treated like family.  We are proud of what we do and what we stand for.  Farming is our way a life, not just a business and we are committed to work in growing, harvesting, caring for, and providing you with the best food possible.

    We really appreciate you being here. 
    Take a look around and let us know what you think on our Facebook page.

    Have a blessed, happy day!

    From all of us here at Miss Mable's Farmhouse you for joining and/or staying with us on the amazing, generational journey, known as farming.