Remember When: A look back at the WWW

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Remember when the world wide web was new.  It was advertised as a learning tool, a place where you were asked:  "Where do you want to go today?"
It was America Online, a.k.a. AOL.
You waited patiently, watching that little yellow guy running across your screen, panel to panel to connect you to a place that "Welcomed" you and let you know "You Got Mail".  You had a buddy list of your closest friends, or you could find new ones by setting in a private chat room and "type talk" to someone on the other side of the country, surf the world wide web, expand your mind, travel around the world, discover something new, the list goes on and on.
Back then, in the early 1990's, we felt like we were being transported into a fabulous future, a place where we could travel through time, backwards and forwards without leaving the comfort, privacy, and safety of our home. 
A place where one computer in your home made you a wealthy superstar of the neighborhood.
I remember friends would come over for a visit, gather around my old HP 2 MB computer and be fascinated as we "surfed the web" to discover something new and fascinating. A time of sharing knowledge, spending time, interacting with one another, and thinking for ourselves.  Expanding our minds, using our intelligence, our imagination, and enjoying it!
It was very reminiscence of folks gathering around the radio back in the day before TV was invented.
Now, let's fast forward 30 years to 2020. In an instant you can buy damn near anything you want from around the world with just one click and your credit card. You can still search for knowledge, that is, once you get past the first 10 or more pages of advertisements and by that time, you're so worn out searching for truthful information, you give up, and click on your Facebook app. That's more interesting and fun! The hell with learning something new.
You see you have a "new friend request", confirm it without thinking, hey they know so and so, it's no big deal, your "friend's" list of 3000 just increased by 1, yippee!  Then off you go, scrolling down to read everyone else's opinions, staring at that tiny screen in your hand, locking out the world around you and before you even realize it, you are caught, hook, line, and sinker.  
You share a shared post not knowing where it came from and or caring who it offends, allowing others to express your thoughts, so you don't have to think.  You get absorbed into strangers' lives; not knowing who they truly are, and finally your life force is sucked right out you and replaced with their drama, bullshit, lies, and deceit. 
You have just been reeled into the Mindless Zombie Zone.  A place where your mind doesn't have to think, your heart doesn't have to care, and where you believe everything you post is private.  Why? Because you posted a shared post that came from another county that tells Facebook they cannot share your posts, your photos or collect your private information. REALLY?
Oh wait, why lookie there, on your side bar, that's the website you just visited to buy such and such, the site that knows your name, address and credit card information, following you to Facebook and everywhere else you surf around the world wide web. 
The WWW is no longer a place of discovering a wealth of knowledge or a place to communicate and share yours thoughts in private.
It has become a place for wealthy people to get richer.  A place where hackers steal your information, sell it to the highest bidder and/or drain your bank account in a blink of an eye.  A place where untruths are told and repeated until the real truth can no longer be found. A place where history no longer has a place.  A place where your mind is controlled by other people's thoughts.  A place where you allow your heart to dissolve.  A place that blocks out the world around you while allowing the rest of the world to invade your privacy and watch your every move. A place we now refer to as the "Dark Web".
It's so sad that a wonderful invention that was created to expand our minds and provide us with knowledge has become a place that has taken away our ability to think for ourselves. 

Just remember folks, the downfall of any society is the ignorance of its' people.
For history tells us, man shall never evolve until we learn how to be human.  And history shall repeat itself until we learn to move forward as humans; doing,  thinking, and learning from others with love and respect as we would have others do unto us.

And on one last note, while you're visiting Miss Mable's Farmhouse, please look around, you will not see any advertisements nor will you see us following you around the world wide web. It is our choice to not allow it. We want you to enjoy your visit with us, not be bombarded with another business's ads or pop-ups.  If you shop with us that's wonderful, if you don't that's ok too. Our website was created with you in mind. A place to inform you of how to feed your family.  A place to show you how to grow, prepare, and preserve your food, which is far more than important to us than any amount of money we would receive from a Google Ad click. A place where your information and privacy is not shared with anyone! You are more than a number or a dollar sign to us. You are a loveable, thinking human being and we appreciate you! 
Stay safe and God bless.
With much respect,
Carolyn Hornickel
Miss Mable's Farmhouse
October 26, 2020

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