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Sitting out on the front porch, looking up at our American Flag waving so proud and freely in the summer breeze like a guardian over our family farm;

American Flag In Our Front Yard View From Porch - Miss Mable's Farmhouse

I became inspired to take a real close look at those 31 words that were penned by Francis Bellamy, an American Christian Socialist Minister, in 1892.
Plus I had to question myself, "Why do we fly the flag?"  "Is it just a tradition?"  "Is it the patriotic thing to do?"  "Does it stand for those who fought and gave their lives for our freedom?" or "Is it simply because it looks good flying in the wind high above the gladiolus garden?" 
But seriously, read on.

Let's look at those 31 words that each of us as Americans have recited in one form or another since the day we were born, that is if you were born after 1942, the year Congress decreed the Pledge officially and decided it should be said aloud looking at the flag, heads uncovered, and your right hand across your heart.

"I pledge allegiance to the flag..."
Simply put, you vow to honor and respect the American Flag. Somehow, now-a-days, folks are forgetting that very first phrase by burning it, recoloring it, flying it with a Confederate Flag, (oh and by the way... the Confederate States were against the United States and were defeated during the Civil War, truly not the proper thing to do if you really respect the American Flag for which it stands), wearing it as apparel, or protesting with it as a flag for a militia's ideology and purposes against the American government. 
Kinda backwards and disrespectful isn't it?
Which by the way is actually against the code laws, rules, and regulations of the American Flag. 

"Of the United States Of America"..., 
The next line says it all:  "UNITED STATES" not divided states.  United means together as one, no division.  "Our forefathers stood united."  "United we stand, divided we fall."
"And to the republic for which it stands"....
Please refer to the first word of this line because "and" means together, so you are pledging your allegiance to the American Flag and the republic for which it stands for freely waving from your home, in your front yard, or place of business.  And just what does the American Republic stand for? 
Well just keep reading.
"One Nation"....
Don't tell me I need to explain this one, but here goes.  Again "ONE NATION" not several nations, not divided nations, not divided states but "ONE".
The One Nation of the United States of America.
"Under God"...
Simply put, by pledging allegiance to the Flag of America, you agree that there is a higher power, a god, and you rely on your faith and your religious beliefs to protect you and our country from harm.  And, are asking God, by honoring and waving this symbol of America to protect your home, country, and life from insiders and outsiders who would love to see us become divided; not united.
This word, "indivisible" (adjective: unable to divide or separate) says one hell of a lot about who we really are as Americans.  Well, at least it use to. But lately folks are forgetting what America was founded on and what our forefathers wanted this great nation to become. They wanted to leave behind a world filled with dictatorship, imperialism, taxation, hatred, and racism. They left a place where the rich got wealthy while the poor starved with the hopes of a brave heart to create a bountiful country that provided....
"Liberty and Justice for ALL!"
And they were willing to place their lives on the line when the Declaration of Independence was penned and signed in 1776.  They wanted future generations to be responsible for keeping America free from any tyrant king, terrorists or militias, foreign or domestic.

Those educated and wise state representatives from the 13 original colonies wanted a country where future generations could raise their children without hate or prejudice, with the freedom to speak no matter their culture, race, or sexual orientation. With liberty to receive a good education, a good paying job for hard work, and the freedom to worship in the religion they choose without persecution. 
And to understand that "Justice for all"  means everyone in America is created equal.  A country where freedom truly reigns for all lives matter. 
I hope you take time to actually read the American Flag code.  It's lengthy, but it sure opened my eyes up on a lot of issues.

So, why do we fly the American Flag in our front yard? For the reasons I questioned in the beginning of this article, plus we firmly believe in the words of the Pledge of Allegiance.  And, I have to admit its' colors sure do add grandeur to our family farm flying high above the gladiolus garden . 

Why do you fly the American Flag?
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God bless and stay safe.
Carolyn Hornickel
Miss Mable's Farmhouse
© October 28, 2020

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