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A lot of folks have often asked me while sitting out on the porch, "How's my day been?"  I smile and answer, "Just living life."
You see living life to me is taking each day, exploring what it has to offer, and learning from it.
Life is far too short just to set around and waste it away.  One never knows when the good Lord will say, "It's time to come home."

In my parents final days, I asked each one of them what they truly wanted to do with their life and why they never done it.
My dad said he always wanted to be a fireman, however he just lived day to day, working as a broiler maintenance operator at the Census Bureau in Jeffersonville, Indiana and when he retired, he admitted his love for beer and low, self esteem fears stopped him from living his dreams. He spent his retirement years buying damage/used goods from Thrift Stores, repairing them and having small sales at his home.  Most of his retirement time was spent in a recliner watching the news, eating from a TV tray table, and falling asleep. He died from prostate cancer at age 68. 
My mother told me she always wanted to be a nurse and learn how to play a piano, sadly her dreams never came true either.  Her reasons for not going after her dreams: she blamed my dad, having to work and raising four kids. She spent her last years growing flowers, spending time with her six Chihuahuas, sitting in her recliner, eating from a TV tray table, looking out a window, then going to bed.  She died from a cancerous brain tumor at 77.
I don't know about you, but I don't want to spend my retirement years, which by the way are coming on really fast, sitting in a recliner, eating from a TV tray table, watching TV, then going to bed.

Life is a gift.  A true precious, priceless treasure and for those who choose to throw it away for one reason or another is not living or has never lived.
We all are different, thank God!  How boring life would be if we weren't.  For God creates originals and a original is far more valuable than a copy.

So, I'm asking you, "How has your day been?"  Did you wake up and greet it with a smile, learn something new, enjoyed what you like doing or did you just sit in a recliner, watch TV, eat, then go to bed?

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Thanks for stopping by, really appreciate you being here, and just live life to the fullest!

God bless, stay safe.
Carolyn Hornickel
Miss Mable's Farmhouse

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