Organic Farm-Fresh Eggs

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You will see and taste the difference with Miss Mable's organic farm-fresh eggs. WHY?  Simply put our hens are family to us and are feed a rich diet of home-grown herbs, seeds, grains, and greens along with fresh-caught salmon from Lake Michigan and supplemental organic feed and scratch.
Our beautiful hens live a stress-free life.  They are housed, cage-free in what we fondly call the "Poultry Palace", with deep, soft, and warm nesting boxes. Poultry Palace Chicken House - Miss Mable's Farmhouse Hens In Nesting Boxes - Miss Mable's Farmhouse

They are not over crowded and have free roam of a sheltered outside run and when weathered permits allowed outside to just be chickens, grazing on grass, eating bugs and worms, and enjoying dust baths.

Hens In Sheltered Outdoor Run - Miss Mable's FarmhouseFree Roaming Hens - Miss Mable's Farmhouse

Happy Healthy Hens = Healthy Rich Eggs

You cannot get any fresher than this!  When you visit Miss Mable's Farmhouse, you are invited to gather your eggs fresh from the nest (once the COVID-19 virus has passed) or have us do it for you.
Eggs In Nest - Miss Mable's FarmhouseEggs In Carton Flats - Miss Mable's Farmhouse

Remember our eggs are not washed or refrigerated.  They are truly organic, cage-free, farm fresh eggs.

Which egg would you want to feed your family?

Farm Egg Vs Store Bought Egg - Miss Mable's FarmhouseFarm Egg Vs Store Bought Egg In Skillet - Miss Mable's Farmhouse

We do not ship eggs. Eggs must be picked up on our farm.

To purchase eggs, visit Miss Mable's Farm on Facebook and send us a message, letting us know how many you want and when you'll be able to pick them up at our farm.
Please follow these temporary guidelines when picking up eggs.
COVID-19 Egg Pick-Up Policy.


1 Dozen: $3.00

2 Dozen: $5.00

3 Dozen: $8.00

4 Dozen: $10.00

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