Farm Fresh Eggs Pick-Up

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To answer a few questions concerning our organic eggs during this unprecedented time.
Yes. We are still selling organic farm-fresh eggs.
Yes. The cartons are sprayed with disinfected before the eggs are placed in them.
Yes. You can still pick up the eggs at our farm.
Yes. You must message us on Facebook to place your order, so we can discuss a date and time for you to pick up your eggs.
Yes. We will greet you with proper distancing of course. Your order of eggs will be placed on our front porch.
Bring only cash that you will spray with Lysol before placing the money into a plastic bag under a rock on the porch.
No. We do not want any used cartons.
No. We are not accepting orders for eggs on our website.

As always, once the eggs have left our farm, we cannot nor will not be responsible for any type of illness.
This has always been our egg purchasing policy.

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